About CompSAt

Our Vision

CompSAt envisions itself as a community driven by the common belief that anyone can code. We strive to nurture curious Ateneans to become competent leaders in software development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make programming and software development accessible to anyone by:

Mission Illustration: Collaborative Learning

Fostering a culture of collaborative learning among members through tutorials, workshops, talks, and other initiatives

Mission Illustration: Leadership Opportunities

Providing members with opportunities to apply their skills and grow as leaders through events and development projects

Mission Illustration: Programming, Development, and Networking Opportunities

Exposing our members to the opportunities in programming and development that contribute to expanding their network

Our Core Competencies

Core Competency Illustration: Providing Programming and Software Development Training

We provide programming and software development training that caters to both the interests of the members and meets the demands of the industry through workshops, mentorship programs, and the like.

Core Competency Illustration: Providing Programming and Software Development services

We provide sustainable, effective, and high-quality programming and software development services for students, as well as commercial and non-profit organizations based within and outside the Ateneo community.

Our Core Values

Core Values Illustration: One Fourth of the CompSAt Logo

Continuously aspire for self-growth and excellence

Core Values Illustration: One Fourth of the CompSAt Logo

Leverage collaboration

Core Values Illustration: One Fourth of the CompSAt Logo

Cultivate an empowering, supportive, and caring community

Core Values Illustration: One Fourth of the CompSAt Logo

Provide impactful and innovative services

Executive Board + Associates Council

Rene Antonio S. Castillo



Kristen Mari J. Valle

Executive Vice President


Department of Communications

Brescia V. Amandy

VP for Communications


Department of Corporate Relations

Aedin Hunter A. Clay

VP for Corporate Relations


Neal Luigi D. Rodriguez

AVP for Corporate Relations


Department of Development and Training

Franco Manuel D. Velasco

VP for Development and Training


Charles Andrew P. Lim

AVP for Development Training


Paolo G. Dano

AVP for Programming Training


Emmanuel Linus T. Evangelista

AVP for Development Projects


Department of Documentation

Martina Therese R. Reyes

Associate Secretary-General


Department of External Affairs

Earl Edison B. Felizardo

AVP for University Relations


Department of Finance

Elmo Lenard M. Gumapos

VP for Finance


Department of Member Relations

Irish Danielle Morales

VP for Member Relations


Anna Ysabella Habana

AVP for Member Formation



Jessica O. Sugay


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Room 303, MVP Center for Student Leadership, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan, Quezon City