I.T. Proficiency

We aim to foster a community conducive to learning, and provide IT training that both caters to the interests of the members and meets the demands of the industry.


I.T. Services

We provide sustainable, effective, and high-quality IT-related services for students, as well as commercial and nonprofit organizations based within and outside the Ateneo community.


I.T. Awareness Propagation

We promote awareness and appreciation of IT and its most recent developments to people outside the community of IT enthusiasts.

Executive Board and Associates Council 2015-2016

Mark Robert M. Aldecimo

Carlo Luis G. De Guzman
Executive Vice President

Isabel M. Constantino

Jan Nicole N. Domingo
AVP for Documentation

Chiara Veronica D. Señires
AVP for Publication

Erika Faye R. Cerezo
VP for External Affairs

Seth Andrei L. Legaspi
AVP for Community Relations

Pearl Jen C. Santos
AVP for Scholastic Relations

Viktor Mikhael M. Dela Cruz
AVP for University Relations

Ma. Reyana L. Leonardo
VP for Finance and Marketing

Vermille Ann T. Saw
AVP for Finance

Aaron Stevenson T. Ho
AVP for Corporate Relations

John Paulo C. Pascua
VP for Internal Affairs

Dennis Andrew R. Villamor
AVP for Formation

John Michael B. Santos
VP for Logistics and Promotions

Gio Nyco L. Ramos
AVP for Logistics

Miguel N. Galace
AVP for Promotions

Basil Miguel B. Begonia
VP for Research and Development

Anton Miguel S. Suba
AVP for Development

Sean Andrew Y. Rafanan
AVP for Services

Jenina Isabel L. Sanchez
AVP for Training

Jessica O. Sugay